Castles in France are a rich cultural and architectural heritage. History has preserved in France several tens of thousands of the most diverse castles: from modest and small, to impressive and with a rich heroic past. It is easier to buy a castle in France than in other European countries due to the large selection.

New objects are put up for sale every year, so if you dream of living in a historic castle and are ready to invest in its maintenance and sometimes restoration, you have a lot of chances to choose something suitable. You can buy a castle both very expensively and at a relatively low price, it all depends on its condition, as well as on its historical value. If a castle can “boast” that famous people lived within its walls, historically important agreements were signed, major battles took place near its walls, then the cost of such an object can be expected to be much higher.

If you are not chasing big names and events, or the history of France is not a key selection criterion for you, then it is quite possible to find something less expensive, but no less beautiful and cozy. Although, undoubtedly, any castle in France has its own history, if not heroic, then certainly love, and not one.

Living in France is the dream of many. This country has been a cultural, tourist and gastronomic mecca for many decades. And having bought a castle in France, you will not become an ordinary guest or a tourist there, you will have much wider opportunities.

The castles of France have an incomparable atmosphere, their own special spirit, which they carried through the centuries. If you decide to buy a castle or just take a closer look at this possibility, we will be happy to advise you on all issues that arise. A castle in France can be a great investment. Even if you don’t want to spend there all the time, you can always use it as a hotel or rent it out. The income from such activities will eventually cover your real estate acquisition costs, and your castle will become profitable for you.