Time does not stand still, and what was reality today will become history tomorrow. And ancient events and structures have always riveted the interest of many.

Tuscany is an amazing region that belongs to Italy. It is famous both for its beautiful beach and ancient feudal castles. And those who wish to spend their holidays in the atmosphere of royal chic will definitely appreciate all the advantages of the services of renting a castle in Tuscany.

Almost all buildings date back to the 11-13th centuries. Some of them have been carefully restored recently, while others have turned into ruins, but this has not diminished the popularity of the castles. At the present stage, the restored buildings accept not only excursion groups, but also those wishing to rent a room or a whole castle in Tuscany for a certain time.

Of course, this pleasure is not cheap, but the maintenance of such vast territories requires an impressive investment and a large number of personnel. But, not all castles in Italy can be rented in full. For this, only those that have been restored and converted into residences are intended. The rest are of the hotel type.

In Tuscany, almost all castles contain vineyards. The territories allotted for them are measured in hectares, and the harvest – in tons. That is why you can taste a wide variety of wines here, because every castle in Tuscany offers its own variety. And the recipe by which it is prepared must be kept in strict confidence.

In addition to the huge areas allocated for vineyards, large courtyards with cozy parks, medieval-style buildings with comfortable rooms for tourists, all castles have their own special museum. The topics are very diverse – from the history of glass making and winemaking to the historical stages of life of a certain family that owned these lands in the past centuries.

And, despite the fact that Tuscany belongs to one of the most popular regions of Italy, all local historical monuments are protected and periodically restored. Of course, some changes are still being introduced. These are communications, heating and air conditioning, television and the Internet. But all the castles have the same appearance as they did centuries ago. Even the materials are selected identical.

Historical tourism is becoming more and more popular every year. Each castle located in Tuscany receives tens of thousands of tourists every year. We also advise you to visit the amazing places of Italy and appreciate the power and majesty of the ancient monuments.

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