Each castle in Germany is a unique combination of German monumentality and romance: it is not without reason that many monuments of German castle architecture are on the UNESCO World Heritage List and topped the ratings of the most beautiful in Europe. The German castle is the embodiment of a difficult and contradictory history: despite its belligerence, the princes and counts of Germany, which had been at war for many centuries, were inspired by the legends of Lohengrin, the Nibelungs, legends of knights and erected beautiful architectural monuments. To this day, fabulous landscapes add majesty to them: they resemble fragments of an old fairy tale lost in time.

Nobody knows exactly how many castles there are in Germany. It is difficult, almost impossible to count them, and the abundance of these structures is explained by the “patchwork” medieval past of this European country. Even the most seedy elector or baron sought to attest to his persona in history and left a confirmation of this when he erected the castle. So if you decide to buy a castle, then pay attention to the German heritage – there really is plenty to choose from. There are more than seventy of them on the banks of the Rhine alone – what can we say about the rest of rather big Germany.

Castles in Germany are of unique value, the main witnesses of history, who remember the wars and numerous princely and royal dynasties, love stories, intricate political intrigues of difficult medieval Europe and family secrets.

In the modern real estate market, there is an opportunity to buy a castle. Many of the German castles for sale have already been restored: so, when planning to buy a castle in Germany, the owner will not have to agree on a plan for a general reconstruction for a long time, but simply decide how to use the purchase. The owner is free to choose whether it will be his own residence, hotel or company residence.

The variety of architectural forms and scales of the German castle as part of the world architectural heritage is striking – and in the modern world this makes it possible to choose the purpose of such real estate. In any case, by deciding to invest in a castle in Germany, the owner contributes not only to the past, but also to the future.