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Castles in England

(Great Britain)

What could be more convincing evidence of respectability and adherence to tradition than the ownership of the castle of England? These are not only masterpieces of world architecture, but also the richest cultural and historical layer, speaking of which, we recall King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table, and Richard the Lionheart, and Elizabeth I, and even the adventures of the English aristocracy of the literary series Jeeves and Worcester “.

It is very easy to buy a castle in the UK at the moment: the legal purchase procedure does not require citizenship or a residence permit, it is necessary to keep the castle in good condition – after all, it is of historical value. By the way, this trend is popular among world-class stars: many of them believe that a castle in Great Britain is not only a good image, but also a financial investment. Having decided to buy a castle, you will find yourself on the same list with Madonna, Natalia Vodianova and the celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: they already have their own castle in England!

A defensive fortress, a symbol of power, a monumental family roof and a residence – this is what a castle in Great Britain was for the aristocracy of past centuries, but today, in addition to this, such real estate is also an excellent resource for organizing a tourist business: castles in England are considered one of the most interesting and many times visited in the world. The reason for this is its rich history, ghost legends and the unique medieval atmosphere of good old England. Such fertile soil makes it possible to hold medieval festivals and holidays and game shows on a historical theme.

Castles in England

Owning a castle in England is today a sign of good manners, as the prim English would say. This speaks not only of the owner’s wealth and respectability, but also of his reverent attitude to the historical heritage, good taste, reliability and rich imagination. And if buying a castle in England means making friends with a ghost, then such a neighborhood only raises authority in the eyes of others.