When the entire coast has already been explored, and the high-tech interior is completely bored, you can go on vacation to a real castle. For some reason, this type of tourism is not very popular among the Slavs, but Americans and Europeans are happy to rent not only spacious rooms and rooms, but entire castles. Many even live in them for years with their whole family. The indigenous people of Asia also love medieval vacations and are constantly striving to acquire one or another majestic structure.

A castle with a vineyard is the most common option among such historical monuments. There are a lot of territories for planting culture, and they were engaged in winemaking at a professional level. This provided employment opportunities for residents of the castle and the surrounding areas.

The vineyard made it possible not only to sell wine, but also to make supplies for their own needs. As the land developed, new buildings were built that provided the wine producers with everything they needed. Each chateau with a vineyard has its own special recipe that will surely satisfy the most demanding wine lovers. Modern tourists can taste wines of recent production, the so-called young, or those that were prepared several centuries ago. The technologies for their preparation are carefully guarded and passed on from master to student.

Any castle that is adapted to accommodate tourists has a museum. In it you can find not only the history of the family that once lived here, but also exhibitions of glass containers, metal structures made by local blacksmiths, the creations of potters, etc.

A castle belonging to any era, with a vineyard, could develop the entire household economy. Smiths, pottery, taverns, etc. were also equipped here. Huge territories, a large number of employees and excellent material conditions for development contributed to the formation of full autonomy for a single castle.

Many will want to visit such historical monuments, as well as live there. The main thing is to choose the right one!

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