Restorations and reconstruction

What does a restoration of a cultural landmark involve? Restoration is an important tool for protection of landmarks. According to law on state protection of landmarks a restoration of a historical site includes any repair, reconstruction, restoration or other work on the cultural monument or its surrounded area. Other works are identified as modernization of the building under constant functioning or use of the cultural heritage site, then its completion or restructuring.

The steps any owner of a cultural heritage site shall take carrying out a restoration:

If the owner of a historic property plans to renovate a site, which is considered a National Cultural Heritage Site, it is obligatory to get the resolution of corresponding municipal administration or regional administration. There you will be provided with professional methodological publications issued by the National Cultural Heritage Sites Administration describing how the restoration procedure should take place. The administration will issue a resolution in writing after the Management of the National Cultural Heritage Sites Authority issues its written conclusion. This resolution will determine whether the planned repair work is suitable, as well as if restoration conditions are set.

If we are looking into a large-scale reconstruction, it is more likely to sage a penny if the written conclusion regarding the plan is obtained in advance. Only then it is allowed to carry out the reconstruction plan, the owner can begin the preparation of project documentation based on predetermined conditions and, therefore, he will get confidence that his funds on reconstruction were wisely invested. During the preparation it is necessary to discuss preliminary and project documentation with the experts of the management of the National Heritage Sites Administration, so as to comply with requirements of the resolution. Such consulting services are provided free of charge, as well as necessary documents, for example, information from researches and archival documents (the Law does not exclude cases when for restoration of some of the most valuable elements it is necessary to develop a document providing more details).

Employees of the National Heritage Sites Administration prepare, in written form, their suggestions and recommendations for separate chapter of the project documentation. When it comes to the reconstruction of the cultural heritage site, only a qualified restorer with license from the Ministry of Culture on the restorative work has a right to perform it.The owner of a cultural heritage site shall submit one copy of the documentation for the restoration of the site to the archive of the Management of the National Heritage Sites Authority.