How to get a grant

Cities, regions and the state provide owners of cultural heritage sites, special grants for expenses associated with the restoration or protection of the sites.

These grants for restoration and protection of heritage sites come from their budgets, devoted for these purposes.  Grants are provided upon written request of the owner after the State’s consideration. Similar grants can also be provided by the Ministry of Culture of Czech republic, if the preservation of given sites is of interest.
For such purposes the Ministry of Culture of Czech republic provides several special grant programs:

  1. a) Emergency program – this program provides financial support for the very urgent restoration work, mainly to eliminate the devastating condition of roofs and supporting construction structures;
  2. b) The program of urban monumental reservations reimposition and urban reserved areas is a tool for restoring cultural heritage sites, which are located in the most valuable areas of old cities. Funds are available only when the corresponding city prepares its own program of reimposition of the historic center, and together with the owner provides the financial assistance to renew the site;
  3. c) The program of preservation of architectural heritage is a program that supports restoration of cultural heritage sites constituting a particular valuable part of architectural heritage of the country, such as fortresses, castles, palaces, monasteries, historical gardens, churches, etc. Planned activities should be aimed at the restoration of the monument preservation or those parts that are the basis of cultural heritage sites. The grant application must have a special document attached – a project of cultural heritage site protection;
  4. d) The program of care for rural monumental reservations, rural heritage areas and regional heritage area aims to support the restoration and protection of cultural monuments, mostly of folk architecture, such as agricultural estates and manor houses, chapels which are located in protected areas.
  5. e) The program of restoration of movable cultural heritage sites. This program provides funding for restoration work of movable heritage sites. That refers to Art and Artisan items, which are located in buildings accessible to public for cultural, educational or religious purposes.


More detailed information on how to apply for financial support of expenses related to protection and restoration of cultural heritage sites and also regulations on use of grants is provided at regional administrations, the municipality of Prague, some branches of the National Heritage Sites Authority that can help in preparation of application and also the Ministry of Culture.