If you wish to buy a castle as a business project, we will provide you with a certificatefor legal entities,which is intended for taxation and tax planning purposes at state authorities.
If you are unable to manage your castle, it is better to find a managing company. Historic property requires constant care and often quite specific one.
As a rule, a managing company takes responsibility for:
– supervising technical condition of the property;
– organizing repair or reconstruction of the property;
– selecting managing staff for the castle;
– solving legal issues;
– accounting services for property;
– communicating with the state and the inspection authorities;
– communicating with energy supply companies
The list can be tailored to your needs, but the main task of the managing company remains inrelieving you from the routine and allowing you to enjoy your new estate.
Entrust boring business to professionals and try to realize that the house you bought is not just a pile of stones and square meters, now you have a castle with living stones embraced by the tale of history.

Today, the majority of owners thinks rationally and therefore invests in historic properties for further profit. There are plenty of examples. The most popular way to make money on the castle – is to open a highly rated hotel.
Many, along with a castle obtain fields for opening golf clubs. There are cases when castles where transformed into entertainment centers with a medieval tavern, jousting tournaments, casino, theater, water parks and so on.
Someone uses castles to open elite clinics, galleries or private clubs. Besides, a historical property attracts developers, purchasing rawcastles and flipping them and further profiting on selling castle in perfect condition.
Castles may also become a prestigious office centers for larger companies, the art place for creative people or even a home for orphan children.
Some businessmen obtain old factories or breweries. And in such case not only the building itself, but also old trademarks and brands are transferred into their property.