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  • The unique and incomparable Smilkov castle in style of early Baroque stands on the place of former fishing fortress which was founded in early 14th century.

    The castle building is a two winged structure and is undoubtedly the jewel of this region. A beautiful Cascade park with statues and two lakes adjoins the castle.

    Talmberg family turns the original fortress into a castle at the end of the 17th century (they owned Smilkov for almost a century from 1601 to 1697). The following owners change the castle by adding minor architectural details thus making the building more comfortable for everyday life.

    The castle is owned by prominent European aristocratic families in the 18th century. It belonged to Kristof Karl Vorachitsky from Pabenits and to Emerih Karl Metternich starting from 1721. However, in 1724 the estate passed into possession of Karl Frantisek Patselius of Aldersheim, whose coat of arms still decorates the ceiling of the castle hall. Later Smilkov together with Petrovice castle is inherited by his cousin - Jan Jindrich Bissingen, who makes significant changes into castle’s appearance and acquires the adjacent land.

    The castle building is renovated in the style of romantic neo-Gothic in 19th century, while the park stays with no changes: the beautiful Baroque cascade with “theatron" or summer theater decorated with sculptures by Lazarus Widmann from 1750. In 1873 the owner of the castle is a Habrus company, and in 1874 the ownership is transferred to Prague lawyer Morzhits Likavets. As we can see, Smilkov belonged to many aristocratic families of Central Europe, while it finally was bought by F. Korzhanoff – a manufacturer from Prague – in 1930.

    After the WW II, the fate of this castle is predetermined as the majority of noble estates in the country – first it serves as a venue for a nursing home, which leads to total changes in building interiors. Fortunately, some beautiful features of decoration have been preserved. As a result of restitution, in 1989 the castle is returned to the descendants of former owners, who did not have sufficient funds for its restoration. So as for now Smilkov is closed for public visits.


    Smilkov castle is a two-storey building in form of resembling letter "T". From an architectural point of view, a particular interest presents a “double entry” to the main part of the building - two staircases leading directly to the second floor. A neo-Gothic Chapel of St. Anna stands in front of the right wing of the castle.

    Right behind the castle lays a vast cascade “Italian Styled” park with two lakes. The main feature of this park is undoubtedly unique Baroque Teatron decorated with allegoriacal sculptures, which is not so typical for Czech Republic. Theatron presents a cascade composition in amphitheater style with Widmann’s red sandstone sculptures on the top, depicting Hercules, Venus with Cupid and eagle's head.


    Total land area: 8031 m2

    Castle area: 2676 m2

    Built-up area: 1372 m2

    Living area: 2007 m2

    Lakes: large lake (10.022 м2), small lake (31.417 м2)

    Park (65.463м2), woodland (97.500 м2), orchard (110.808 м2)

    A piece of agricultural land (10.167 м2)



    Location: Europe, Czech Republic


  • Purpose: For Sale
  • Sale price: 68000
  • Land area: 8031 м2
  • Living area: 2007 m2

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