Historic property appraisal

A historic property appraisal is very complex and requires a diligent effort. What is it for?

  1. Appraising to determine the market value – of course, you want to know how adequate the indicated price is for thechosen property.
  2. Appraising to pay the property sales tax. In some countries, like in Czech republic, you are obliged to pay tax for selling (purchasing) the property and it equals to 3% of the appraised value i.e. the appraisal shall be performed prior to state tax due.
  3. The appraisal is also essential for obtaining a mortgage credit. All banks, with no exception require carrying out of property appraisal while proceeding with the mortgage application.
  4. Particular attention should be paid to someone who will conduct the appraisal. For example, banks as a rule provide a list of accredited appraiser.If appraisal is necessary for determining the tax due, you can choose an expert yourself. However, in any case, it shall be a licensed appraiser.


For appraising a historic property we advise you to find experts who, in addition to having a standard certificate/license, also have a diploma in “Art” or “The history of architecture.”
Only such experts have all it takes to correctly appraise your castle, and not just have it as a concrete from cement and blocks, but as a piece of art and valuable site of European cultural heritage.