If you are not a collector of an ancient property or a county hereditary owner, then it is not easy to choose an appropriate historical object. Especially considering that only in Czech Republic there are 300 cultural landmarks put up for sale. Prior to initiating the search process we advise you to state your wish and requirements for an ancient building.
Primary question lies in your intentions for owning a castle. Shall the property be for personal use (accommodation, the summer residence, a kind of “cottage”),then your choices narrow down toa smaller building with an exciting history.Such castles may offer few rooms with bath and restrooms whereas the remaining area shall be of a representative use – for example, for hosting parties, balls, celebrations or for galleries andconcerts. Perhaps, while staying at your castle you may devote your time to favorite hobbies as horse riding, playing golf, gardening, swimming or master the brewing techniques, or simply relax while reading.
Should this be your choice, you shall consider properties withstaples and riding-hall, as well as pastures, nearby golf club or those providing you with facilities for building your own driving-ranch; the equipped library and equipment for compliance of humidity and temperature; sauna, swimming pool or beer brewing equipment.


While making a request for a castle, it is worth giving a thought to whether you are ready to carry out the appropriate reconstruction of the castle – in fact, not all of the properties canright away become your dream castle. If your intend is to buy a castle which will one day make you a fortune, it is better to know, in advance what kind of business you want to develop. For instance, if you are an expert in gaming and entertainment business, then you will approach the castle near Prague (which is however, rare) or on the border with Austria and Germany. If you are considering a plastic surgery clinic/hospital, there must be a sufficient number of equipped rooms for patients, as well as a large indoor area for walks. If you want to open a luxury hotel, then favorable areas are the popular tourist regions (near the resort areas enlistedin UNESCO world heritage and/or the mountain skiing areas). Another interesting option is to open a beer brewery. In fact, Czech Republic has recently been offering empty estates, which once were beer breweries. Upon completion of a reconstruction, such property offers more than just a renovated monument, it benefits from the centuries long tradition and beholds trusted by world “European” brand. Indeed, your choices for a business case are vast and may include as exciting areas as cosmetics manufacturing and go all the way to weaving.
Secondly, you shall decide upon whether you are ready to engage in the reconstruction of a castle. Very few estates across Czech republicare sold in perfect condition, while there are lots of ruin properties. However, good news is that often the reconstruction of a historic property, regardless its owners origin (a Czech national, a foreigner or a legal entity) there are number grants provided under the Ministry of Culture of Czech republic, the European Union funds and devoted budgets of local administrations. Banks would also provide owners with loans for repair works. Should a castle be a gesture of your generosity i.e. your contribution to sustaining of European cultural heritage, prior to purchase, we advise you to consult together with the National Administration for historic landmarks of Czech republic. This institution provides with special days for consultations for potential and existing owners, which is completely free of charge. Their experts will guide you on the procedure of reconstruction, the very details and specifics of the work to be done, as well as prepare you for solving “common” issues, which may arise during the repair works. Make sure to find out what level of state protection applies to the object you are going to purchase. It may well happen that only building facade is protected and the remaining parts canbe put down. Yet, in some other cases you might not be allowed to even install a desiredjacuzzitub or a new heating system. In worst case it is better to call off the deal and find a castle, with a more flexible restrictions plan from the government. In addition, it is essential to choose a specialized architectural and construction companies for entrusting with restoration works. Only experts accredited by the Ministry of Culture of Czech republic are eligible to renovate historic sites. So, having just any construction company, which can save money, will not work in this case. Also, we advise you to find out if a castle is not a subject of ongoing court proceedings between the heirs or if the government or church authorities do not claim the rights for your desired property.
And last, but definitely not least, think about how much time you are willing to devote to your castle. The historic site requires constant maintenance, should it be warming it in winter, making proper ventilation of rooms, cleaning, constantly taking care of minor repairs, as well as precious gardens and parks. As in old days, your estate can be managed for you, by a managing company, but make sure you consider this point prior to buying.