About us

VipCastle Company has been working in the market of historical real estate since 2007. A founder and director of the company is Natalia Makovik, a well-known expert on historic estate. Our database offers castles, palaces, mansions, mills and factories.

According to the company director of VipCastle, Natalia Makovik, the main mission of the project is to promote responsibility in people for past, present and future, as well as to revive forgotten in our days, sense for dignity and honor. Motto words can be: “Buy a castle and become a knight!”.

VipCastle has all necessary skills and experience in managing a European castle, maintaining it or reconstructing. VipCastle also provides services of qualified appraisers of historic property, consulting on protection of landmarks of architecture, legal services and designer advices on castle interior.

VipCastle offers ready projects for purchase and castle development both for private use as a residence, as well as a business project. These plans are based on real existing properties.

VipCastle personnel is fluent in English, Russian, French, Italian and Czech, and therefore the whole procedure of a castle purchase is understood literally.
VipCastle LP registered in the UK.