Dressed to Kill – Best scene of ep was Kate modelling the wedding dress, plus the final scene of Kate explaining to Rick why she hesitated while modelling it when he rang re the venue, of Cordova House, being available for Spring – that her mum wasnt there to be with her to help with preparations., and that Johanna Beckett wouldve loved him. Also loved opening scene where Kate hides behind Rick upon meeting Matilida King (Frances Fisher) as she recognised her from her minute modelling days as a teen. Prior to that, loved the first opening scene where Caskett and Martha pore over wedding gown books. This ep filmed around Feb or March 2013. Other humour scenes – Caskett at Fashion House – Kate “stare all you want” to Rick who replies “Really??”, Kate then says, “No”. Later……Station, Espo says “Beckett?”, Rick says “and Castle”, Espo responds with “Sure”….. Kates own apartment makes another appearance – where Matilda King sent her the wedding gown she modelled for her. So Rob Estes character was the killer. He is aging gracefully since his days on Days of our Lives.

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