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  • Rachitse-Pistovitse village is located in Vyskov area of South Moravian Region, nine kilometers west of Vyskov. The Rachitse-Pistovitse castle is undoubtedly the dominant of the village. The castle is included in the list of protected cultural monuments of the Czech Republic, which its serial number  14851 / 7-3773. Applications for participation in the auction can be submitted prior to March 6, 2017. Further information here.

    The first mention of the city of Rachitse, named "impregnable" in chronicles, can be found already in 1227. After being long precipitated by the Czech King John of Luxembourg in 1312 the castle was razed to the ground. The castle has been rebuilt during the Hussite Wars. In 1425, the castle has been significantly fortified and as a result in 1468 it was unsuccessfully besieged by Hungarian King Mátyás (modern Hungary, part of Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania). In 1576 an extensive restructuring of the city takes place, thanks to which the aristocratic castle acquires its Renaissance look. North-western wing has been attached to the south-eastern and north-eastern wing, thus forming a large inner courtyard, surrounded with castle’s wings. The walls of the wings overlooking the courtyard were decorated with the arcades and reliefs. The further changes in castle’s appearance were made during the period of 1590-1615: the fountain has been placed in inner courtyard there, several buildings arose around the, the castle got one more floor and interiors were lavishly redecorated. The last reconstruction of the building takes place in 1831 when some parts of the old castle have been removed: new arcades have been laid in inner courtyard, balconies have been added and some interiors were changed. In 1928 the castle has been electrified. In 1938 it housed the main military headquarter of the Czechoslovak army, which at that time was preparing for war. After the war the castle has been nationalized. In 1946 the castle passed into ownership of the Forest Cooperative, in 1947 it served as a recreation hotel for the workers of textile factory in Prostějov. Further on different schools - for children with intellectual disabilities, middle school, vocational school and an orphanage were placed in the castle building. As for now the last school has recently left the building. The castle is overall in good condition, empty, but recommended temperature regime is being supported throughout the whole building.


    The castle represents a separate standing building in a form of atrium, which consists of four wings - A1 - northwestern, A2-northeastern, A3-southeastern, A4-southwestern. Historic wings A1, A2, A3 also have overground floors with the attics under gable roof. A2 wing has 2 underground floors. More modern A4 wing has one underground floor with a flat roof, which serves as a terrace. Three towers (A, B and C) have been constructed at castle corners; the towers have four, five and six floors respectively. Before the auction, the castle housed a culinary school together with a dormitory.

    Two of the basement floors in A2 wing remain unused. The basement in A4 wing serves as a boiler room with heated and unheated warehouses. The main entrance to the castle is located on the first floor of A1 wing, where are located corridors, stairs, repair shops, warehouses, facilities for practical training for students, kitchen, dressing rooms, offices, dining, toilets and showers. The second floor places corridors, staircases, medical office, classrooms, warehouses, offices, directors office, toilets and balconies. There are corridors, classrooms, offices, bedrooms, public halls and toilets on the 3rd floor. The upper floors of the towers house stairs, unheated warehouses and unused premises. Attic rooms are in unused condition.

    The village population counts about 1050 residents. The village itself is divided on two parts - Pistovitse and Rachitse. There are kindergarten and primary school, a place for swimming, gym and playground located on its territory. The village also has its own library, a church and a post office. All engineering networks - electricity, sewerage and water plumbing are present in the village.

    The castle area is equipped with all engineering networks: sewerage, gas, electricity and uses water from its own well.

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