The magic atmosphere of Orehov Castle

Orehov Castle was founded in 1638 on the site of a former fortress, first mention of which can be found in the first half of the 16th century. The extensive complex of buildings in form of letter «U» also includes large patio with originally preserved fountain. The most striking and unique features of this castle are undoubtedly the high towers that seem to be “growing” out of the building corners.

The Baroque reconstruction of the castle was implemented in the first half of the 17th century. In 1682 the castle has been acquired by the noble Magny family who implemented the building of a baroque chapel, which has determined the fate of the entire complex. From a simple castle Orehov turns into spiritual place, housing the monastic hospital of the local Celestial Order. Each monastery, including Orehov, serves not only for religious purposes, but also for the daily activities: vast agricultural lands provide monks with all necessities.

The castle changes its owners after the World War II, thus the monks were replaced with the new seat for Unified Agricultural Cooperative. Some part of the premises was occupied with the State Security School.

The building served as a warehouse for pharmaceutical company in 1988. In early 2000s new owner buys the castle and turns it into hotel.




The complex of buildings together with the castle courtyard was founded in 1638 in early Baroque style. The residential part is located on the second floor of a two-storey building. The castle interiors together with a bastion, library and a swimming pool located under historic vaults are partially reconstructed.

The castle chapel underwent through the total reconstruction and as a result it acquired its lost charm. As for now the castle has a beautiful new facade, a charming courtyard with park, reminiscing of classic French park. But the most unique place in the castle is hidden underneath – original wine cellar from 16th century.


Possible use:

The castle complex serves as a private residence for the owner as a private residence, partially open to public.

The castle also serves as a venue for various events: concerts, city fairs and exhibitions. The so-called “Water World” with a swimming pool and waterfalls is also located in the building.

The Orehov castle is undoubtedly the most beautiful sight in the neighborhood!

A castle chapel clothed in the spirit of magic and romance is often used for hosting the weddings!

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Built-up area: 2 986 m²
Usable area: 6 302 m²

Condition: excellent, after complete reconstruction
Number of floors – 2 floors with large cellars
Communication-  electricity, water conduit, canalization


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