Chateau St. Mikulas

Price: 21 000 €

The St. Mikulas Chateau was built together with the church of St. Mikulas on the adjacent land. The whole complex was founded in 1352...

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Castle surrounded with nature

Price: 445 000 €

Country villas resembling the stone castles were very popular in the early 20th century, being a symbol of wealth and modernity. Bykev castle in...

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The castle built for love

Price: 4 000 000 €

Napajedla Castle, built in the late Baroque style, was founded in 1764-1769 as a noble family residence. This elegant two-winged building stands in the...

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Spa Complex (preparing for sale)

Already in early 19th century the noble family of Czernin decided that it would be nice to build a castle near Chudenice for recreational...

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Chric Castle (preparing for sale)

This beautiful baroque castle was originally built as a fortress in 1447. Around  1609 the fortress  is being rebuilt into Renaissance castle. In 1764...

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Estate in Ústecký Region (preparing for sale)

This area is perfectly suited for manufacturing purposes (lumbering production and storage). Description: a piece of land with a courtyard surrounded with one or...

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Trebotov Fortress (preparing for sale)

The fortress was first mentioned in 1374, starting from 1387 it belonged to the family of Waldeck. At the beginning of 15th century, it...

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Vičice Castle (preparing for sale)

The castle originated as a result of extending the older building by Jan Jindrich of Shtampah in the early 17th century and is designed...

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