Liberec castle

Price: 3 900 000 €

The history of Liberec castle goes back to 1538, when Joachim of Bibrštejn bought this family estate from its owner Anton Plischky. Upon the...

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Castle of Maestro – the virtuoso violinist Jan Kubelik

Price: 600 000 €

In 1862 the building of Bychory castle belonged to the Veith family, famous industrialists who also had massive hectares of land in their possession....

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Imperial brewery of the XIV. century

Price: 593 000 €

Noble brewery was already mentioned in 1397 and so is the oldest known brewery in Zbiroh. During its existence it was many times destroyed...

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The Princely Castle of Zinzendorf

Price: 59 000 €

The village where subsequently arose the castle, had already been mentioned inancient 1115, in one of the founding documents of the monastery Kladrubska. Later,...

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The Castle it is!

Price: 1 900 000 €

As common for Castle, rising high above, from the hill, this historical complex includes a vast area of 45,379 m². Castle was built to...

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Castle Complex by Vroutek

Price: 250 000 €

Built in 1733, this is a very interesting historical site, especially considering its price against the land of as much as 8 hectares. The...

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The castle of Count Kolovrat-Krakowski

Price: 4 000 000 €

Radovesnitse served as the residence of the bishop Vitsemil of Radovesnits. At the beginning of the XVI century, manor received Materne family from Kvetnits,...

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Замок старинного рода Эйзенштейнов

Price: 2 500 000 €

Первые упоминания о Полни Водерадах относятся к 1088 году, когда землями здесь владела вышеградская знать. В 1359 году деревня находилась в собственности Сазавского монастыря,...

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