Gothic-revival castle with park

Price: 350 000 €

The historic complex founded in 1733 lies in the center of Mlyntse – Vroutek village, taking its name after the nearest mill which once...

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Renaissance Revival Chateau

Price: 1 250 000 €

This magnificent castle with a small park located on a hill lies in the very heart of Mshene Lazne village. Built on the site...

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Dominican Monastery – the spiritual beauty of Baroque

Price: 1 100 000 €

This Dominican Monastery lies in the village of Nové Dvory – the epicenter of classical Czech Baroque. The beauty of this place is easily...

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Castle-architectural heritage of Santini

Price: 240 000 €

Works of the famous Italian architect … popular even in America sort of roses … monks of one of the most mysterious religious orders...

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Reconstructed apart-hotel in the wine-growing region of Palava

Price: 600 000 €

This historic complex built in the style of Gothic and Baroque lies in the center of Pouzdrany village, which is also called the gates...

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White stone Baroque castle SOLD

Price: 450 000 €

The baroque castle of Lázně Bělohrad is located in the very center of resort city famous for its renowned treatment of the musculoskeletal system....

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18th century Rectory with the original Baroque frescoes

Price: 85 000 €

The rectory is located to the north from Svinchany village’s main square, few steps away from the church of St. Vavrince. Svinchany village lies...

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Chateau St. Mikulas – RESERVED

Price: 21 000 €

The St. Mikulas Chateau was built together with the church of St. Mikulas on the adjacent land. The whole complex was founded in 1352...

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