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Artyom Radionov
Head of Sales
Languages: RU, ENG, CZ, DE
Sell your property
There are two main things you want to do when selling historic property

You want to get a good price, especially if you have invested sufficient amount into renovation and conservation, but you also want someone to buy it who appreciates its historical value. Most historic real estate buyers are immediately attracted to historic property, and the usual real estate marketing techniques may have little effect. has been serving clients throughout the world since 2007. We are now an established and trusted brand and are very well known for our customer service.


The best of best

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Natallia Makovik
The founder and director of the company is Natalia Makovik, a well-known expert on historic poperty. According to her, the main mission of the project is to promote responsibility in people for past, present and future, as well as to revive forgotten in our days sense for dignity and honor.
Castle search
Our database lists around 300 properties from baroque villas to grand palaces

Czech Republic is one of the most castle-dense regions in Europe with some 2,000-plus palaces and chateaux adorning the landscape around Prague and beyond. Castles in the Czech Republic are said to be a steal compared with those in Western countries where similar properties can cost 5 to 10 times more. Cheap labor makes for affordable renovations and with no inheritance tax the country gives owners who restore historic buildings tax incentives.

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Matvej Zevajev
Sales and more
Sales , speak english, russian, czech
Historic property as an investment
Castles always present a fantastic opportunity for investment and retain their value

After all, there are only a limited number of such properties that have ever been built and of those, each one is so unique. We have a variety of different types and styles of castles for sale; they range from those which are in desperate need of renovation to those which are in exquisite condition and have perhaps been recently lovingly restored. You may wish to pursue a grand project, or if moving into something that is already fit for a king is more your style, we are sure to have something to suit you.


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If you wish to buy a castle as a business project, we will provide you with a certificatefor legal entities,which is intended for taxation and tax planning purposes at state authorities.
If you are unable to manage your castle, it is better to find a managing company. Historic property requires constant care and often quite specific one.

In Czech Republic
Belong to the state
At the moment
% prior reconstruction
Available for sale





Aristocratic estates.

Maintaining a castle
A common opinion would be that expenses for maintaining a historic property are high enough.

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How to get a grant
Grants are provided upon written request of the owner after the State’s consideration.

For such purposes the Ministry of Culture of Czech republic provides several special grant programs

Preservation of monuments
The main regulation is the owner takes responsibility for the safety

Protection of cultural heritage sites and monuments, especially the protection


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